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Newlands Primary Academy is committed to the continuous raising of achievement and attainment of all our pupils.

Parents have a legal duty to ensure that their child attends school and arrives on time.

Full-time and regular attendance is essential to the all-round development of a child and they should be encouraged and allowed to take advantage of the varied educational opportunities Newlands provides.


Irregular attendance undermines their education and could put them at risk, encouraging anti-social behaviour inside and outside the classroom.

At Newlands we celebrate success, each week. Good attendance provides the essential ingredients to create a fulfilling and successful school experience and beyond – and we actively encourage 100% participation in all that Newlands offers.

How can I help?

  • Telephone the school before 9.00am if your child is going to be absent from school.

  • Notify the school well in advance of any medical appointments – providing appropriate evidence e.g. Hospital letters, appointment cards.

  • Respond to school enquiries about unexplained absence.

  • Keep the school / class teacher informed of any ongoing conditions or issues that may affect your child’s attendance.

  • Make sure you have alternative arrangements for a relative or friend to bring your child to school if you are prevented from doing so.

  • If you are not sure whether your child is well enough to attend school, bring them anyway. They often perk up once at school, but we will contact you if they don’t.

  • Encourage your child to get everything ready for school the night before – including their uniform.

  • Contact the school if you are not sure if it is open or check the school website.

Good attendance means… being in school at least 95% of the time.

There are 190 school days a year. That leaves a total of 175 days a year not at school. Please try to use this time for shopping, holidays and appointments etc.

100% =(0 days absence)  

190 School days in each year

95% = (10 days absence)

180 days of education

90% = (19 days absence)

171 days of education

85% = (29 days absence)

161 days of education

80%=(38 days absence)

152 days of education

75% =(47 days absence)

143 days of education

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