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Governing Body

Governing Body

The Thanet Joint Local Governing Body

Newlands Primary Academy is an academy as part of The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT).

TKAT is a multi-academy trust which was established on 1st September 2010. Its constitution is set out in the Articles of Association and this is shared with individual academies via the Scheme of Delegation. TKAT have, through the Scheme of Delegation, established Local Governing Bodies for each of the Academies.

The Local Governing Body of each of the Academies is responsible for fulfilling the strategic and operational governance role in the conduct of the Academy.

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Governance for Newlands Primary Academy is provided through the Thanet Joint Local Governing Body which is a Governance partnership between Newlands, Dame Janet, Drapers Mills, Northdown and Salmestone Primary Academies.

The Thanet Local Governing Body is committed to TKAT’s mission:
  • Inspiring Learners, Changing Lives
  • Our vision is to put children first to build a better world.
  • We will ensure that the life chances of all pupils in our Academies are significantly improved as a result of our educational provision.
  • We will provide outstanding teaching and learning to enable all children – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds – to reach their potential and meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.
The Purpose of the Joint Governing Body is to:
  • Provide strategic leadership and overview of educational provision through challenge and support of senior leaders
  • Provide strategic overview of financial management and other key Governance responsibilities
  • Ensure equality of opportunity and provision across all schools – fair capacity sharing and ensuring no school is disadvantaged

The TKAT Thanet Academies serve the same community, already have a Director of Education working across all the schools and there is increasing close working between the schools.

The educational benefits from working collaboratively include:
  • Better shared responsibility for the joint education of the children in all schools
  • Greater commitment to ensuring the moral duty to provide equally for all children in the TKAT Thanet Primary Academies
  • Flexibility with provision for children
  • Recruitment and retention of staff – greater opportunities for promotion between schools
  • Increased capacity for school improvement between schools
  • Flexibility and greater stability with funding and finance
  • Greater consistency of embedding TKAT values

All Schools share similar values and have a common core moral purpose but all have and their individual identity

The following are key elements of the proposed Governance Structure:
  • A single joint Local Governing Body for all schools
  • One Chair and Vice-Chair for the joint Local Governing Body
  • The Joint LGB holds the legal responsibilities for all LGBs
  • Initially membership of the Joint LGB will be drawn from members of the existing LGBs via a skills audit. In future Governors may be recruited directly to the Joint LGB.
  • The Joint LGB will agree and monitor the budgets for all five schools
  • Governors on the Joint Governing Body will have specific responsibility for all schools including: Finance, Standards and
  • Assessment, Behaviour and Welfare, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, SEND, EYFS and HR/Legal.
The composition of the Joint Governing Body is:
  • Chair of Governors
  • Vice Chair of Governors
  • Eight appointed Governors
  • The Director of Education (Ex officio)
  • The Heads of School (Ex officio)
Each school has its own School Governance Committee responsible for:
  • Standards and curriculum
  • Behaviour, attendance and Welfare
  • Community Links
The composition of the School Governance Committee is:
  • The Chair of the Joint LGB (or their representative)
  • Any other member of the Joint LGB associated with the school
  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • Other appointed Governors who wish to serve on the School Governance Committee but not the Joint LGB
    Headteacher and other members of the School’s leadership team as appropriate (Ex officio)

The Joint LGB will be accountable to the Regional Board for the collective performance of the schools.

Individual School Governance Committees will be accountable to the Board for the performance of their individual schools.

Constitution of the Joint Local Governing Body
Newlands and DJPA Governance Committee
(Term of Office)
TypeResponsibilityDeclaration of InterestAttendance 18/19
Roger Silk
(May 17-May 21)
AppointedChair of Thanet Joint Local Governing Body*Governor at Draper Mills Primary Academy
*Governor at Dame Janet Primary Academy
*Governor at Salmestone Primary
Governor at Northdown Primary
*Governor at Simon Langton Grammar school
*Trustee, director and company secretary at Kent cricket board Thanet
*Director and trustee at Westgate and Birchington golf club
4 of 4
Nicola Haughie
(May 17-May 21)
Parent GovernorNone4 of 4
Sam Atkinson
(Ex officio)
Executive HeadteacherNone4 of 4
Sarah Hutley
(May 17-May 21)
Teaching staffNone1 of 4
Juliet Herd
(Jul 17- Jul 21)
Support staffNone3 of 4
Gemma Sherwin
(Ex officio)
Head of school DJPANone4 of 4
David Bailey
(Ex officio)
Head of school Newlands*Hannah Bailey-TKAT SCITT primary programme lead
*Hannah Bailey- HB Education
4 of 4
Georgina Glover
(Sept 18- Sept 22)
Thanet Joint Local Governing BodyChair of Governors for Newlands Primary Academy*Governor at Simon Langton Grammar School for girls.
*Governor at Hoath & Chislet C of E Federation.
*Governor at the Stour Academy
*Canterbury City Council Councillor
*Kent County Council legal consultant.
4 of 4
Diana Grant
(June 20-June 24)
Georgina Gothard
(June 20- June 24)
Thanet Joint Local Governing Body
(Term of Office)
TypeResponsibilityDeclaration of Interest
Roger Silk
(July 17-July 21)
AppointedChair of Governors*Governor at Simon LangtonGrammar school
*Trustee, director and company secretary at Kent cricket board Thanet
*Director at Westgate and Birchington golf club
Sheila Todd
(Ex officio)
Director of Education/ Headteacher
Northdown Primary School
(Ex offico)None
Sam Atkinson
(Ex officio)
Dame Janet Primary Academy
(Ex offico)None
Joe Manclark
(Ex officio)
Drapers Mill Primary Academy
(Ex offico)*Director at Our Kitchen Thanrt
*Board member KAH East Kent
*Amanda Manclark TA Drapers
*Nicola Love TA Drapers
Nigel Pantling
(Ex officio)
Salmestone Primary School
(Ex offico)None
Governor Resignations
(Term of office)
Date of ResignationRegistered Business InterestRole 
Jannette Watson
(May 17-Oct 19)
Oct 19NoneFinance Governor
Bill Hammond
(Jan 13- Jul 19)
Jul 19NoneAppointed Governor
Paul Millis
(Feb 16-May 18)
09.05.18NoneStaff Gov
Neil Hornus
(Dec 16- Sept 18)
Christian Markham
(Sept 16-Aug 18)
31.08.18NoneStaff Governor
Kirstie Phippin
(Feb 2016-March 19)
March 191 declared Family Influence, related to the Business Manager.
Interest Started Feb 2016.
Staff Governor
Patricia Childs
(Jan 16- Sept 19)
Sept 19NoneJLGB governor
Jannette Watson
(July 17- Oct 19)
17/07/19NoneJLGB governor



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