Dear Parents/Carers,

We will be having a Dress Up Day on Friday 29th November to raise money for the Porchlight charity. Porchlight is a charity that helps homeless people, working in the heart of communities right across Kent. The children can dress up as Super hero’s or wear their own clothes to school. We are asking children to get sponsors for their dress up day, the sponsorship form is attached to this letter. Sponsorship can be as little as 10p per sponsor and must be from “Safe Sponsors”- either family members or family friends. Sponsorship money will be collected on the dress up day.

We appreciate that there have been a number of charitable events held at the school of late.  We do not wish to burden parents and so any donations collected would be greatly appreciated. We want our children to learn the value of giving, supporting each other and to remember that any small share always counts.

To find out more about what the charity does for our area please visit their website:


Thank you to all parents in advance for your support, we hope the children have a fun day!

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