Fishbowl Spinner

Impress your friends and family by placing the fish in the fishbowl even though they are on two separate pieces of paper.
 What you need:
  • Thick white paper or card

  • Felt tip pens or crayons

  • Sticky tape

  • Thread or string

What to do:
  1. Cut out two pieces of the paper or card.  It is best if they are about 10cm.  On one of them draw a fishbowl that almost fills the paper.  On the other draw the fish.  Alternatively, if your drawing skills are as bad as mine feel free to print off the pictures below


2. Cut two pieces of thread about 30cm long each.

3. Turn the fish picture upside down.  Tape the pieces of thread on the back of the fish picture, leaving a gap about as wide as your finger between them.



4. Glue the fish bowl onto the back of the fish picture.  It should be the correct way up.  The thread should be sealed between the two pictures.  Leave the glue to dry.

5. Hold the ends of the thread so that they are loose. Flip the spinner over and over to twist the threads.  When you can’t flip it any more, pull the threads tight and see what happens.




What’s going on?

Your eyes store a picture for a few seconds after you have seen it.  The pictures on the spinner are moving so fast that your eyes see both at once and your brain merges them to make one picture.

Why don’t you try this with other pictures eg a dog in a kennel or a spider on a web?

This experiment was taken from: Usborne 100 Science Experiments


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