What is Momo? 



Momo is a sinister ‘challenge’ that has been around for some time. It has recently resurfaced and
once again has come to the attention of schools and children across the country. Dubbed the
‘suicide killer game’, Momo has been heavily linked with apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp,
YouTube, and most recently (and most worryingly)… YouTube Kids. The scary doll-like figure
reportedly sends graphic violent images, and asks users to partake in dangerous challenges like
waking up at random hours and has even been associated with self-harm. It has been reported
that the ‘Momo’ figure was originally created as a sculpture and featured in an art gallery in Tokyo and unrelated to the ‘Momo’ challenge we are hearing about in the media.

Keep your children Safe Online. 

What’s New? 

Newlands has entered the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Competition. 

On Friday 1st March assemblies with one of the engineers at Pfizer will be held for Year 1-6. Pupils will be given the opportunity to come up with a new idea/invention, draft the design and write a letter of persuasion for someone to build it.  Inventions can include items from recycled products, products for countries that have limited access to electricity or water, items to help those who are disabled or products for  animals. 

Please follow the link below for some Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ideas you can copy at home. 

 We will soon start working with HeadStart Kent.

HeadStart Kent is part of Kent County Council’s Early Help and Preventative Services and aims to help young people cope better when faced with difficult circumstances in their lives, preventing them from experiencing common mental health problems.

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