School Arrival time and Road Safety

 It has come to our attention that during arrival time the area around the school gates has become quite dangerous and parents and children have been pushed into the road or forced to walk in the road due to the pavement being blocked.

The school gates open at 8:40am, please can we remind you not to arrive before this time as that will ease congestion along the road.

We appreciate that space is limited on the pavement and along Dumpton Lane in general, therefore,

We need your co-operation to make sure that the pavements and roads around the school are kept safe!

 Please ensure you:

  • Always supervise your children whilst walking along Dumpton Lane
  • Always Leave enough space for others to pass along the pavement safely
  • Always keep buggies/prams and children close to the hedge and away from the edge of the road


  • DO NOT Park on the pavements
  • DO NOT park on the yellow lines



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