The Newlands Curriculum

At Newlands we aim for our curriculum to be ambitious, relative to the children’s lives and develop a love of learning in the children we teach.


As teachers we work hard to plan interesting and engaging work which stimulates imaginations. We maximise first hand and practical experiences using as many resources (objects, artefacts, people, places) as we can find.

Depth is more important than breadth and within our long term plans we block in subjects such as Design Technology and Art to allow for maximum engagement and quality rather than superficial curriculum coverage.


We have a ‘hook’ every term which teachers carry out at the start of a new topic to engage the children. Hooks range from guest speakers, trips to other locations, artefacts and various experiences.

Although, as you can appreciate, this has been carried out remotely due to the recent issues with grouping children in bubbles.

It is our intention to ensure all pupils leave Newlands Primary School with a well rounded education to prepare them for life. In order to achieve this, teachers are encouraged to think creatively when planning their topics to cover each year.


They plan a term’s work in all subjects to make connections between them to take risks and to be innovative. By implementing the following, each child is able to build on prior knowledge and make links to the world around them.

  • Each class has an overarching topic approximately each half term.

  • There is a requirement that teachers follow the National Curriculum to ensure children are taught a variety of skills and access a wealth of knowledge

  • Working from the National Curriculum, teachers are free to create the context for learning that they feel most inspires them and will inspire the children, whilst covering all statutory requirements.

  • Teacher’s and children’s personal enthusiasms and passions are positively encouraged

  • Teachers use each other’s expertise and during their PAA time, work  alongside colleagues sharing particular expertise

  • We value children’s individual responses and independence of thought

  • We have several special curriculum days (including Science, RE, Mental Health, Well Being) which encourage creative thinking and innovation.

Below you will find more information regarding the Newlands curriculum:

Whole school curriculum map


Intent statements

Reading at Newlands 

Reading Provision Overview

Read Write Inc. Progression

Mathematics Mastery:

Please see the document below for the whole school maths Curriculum Map.

Please click the year groups below to see the relevant progression documents.

Year 1 maths progression document

Year 2 maths progression document

Year 3 maths progression document

Year 4 maths progression document

Year 5 maths progression document

Year 6 maths progression document

In the document below you will find more information about the maths curriculum we follow at Newlands.

Progression in Calculations

Information relating to specific year groups can be found on the following page numbers:

Year 1: p.11-22

Year 2: p.23- 35

Year 3: p.36 - 45

Year 4: p.46-56

Year 5&6: p.57-74

Should you require further information about the curriculum offered at Newlands Primary School, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Main School Office.