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An introduction from our Safeguarding Lead


My name is Martin Turner and I am the Safeguarding Lead for the school. My role is to help ensure that our pupils feel happy, safe and supported in school and are ready to learn. The four main parts to my role are-






I provide safeguarding training to staff and support them with advice and guidance around safeguarding matters within school, ensuring that their knowledge and understanding is up to date. 


Lastly, the majority of my time is spent talking with parents and carers about worries they have for their children outside of school and supporting them by signposting or helping to refer them to outside support. This stretches from worries about behaviour at home or significant bereavements and illnesses right through to worries about criminality and the risk of exploitation.


Please feel free to contact me if I can help support you and your child. I can be contacted through the school office, my email or please come and speak to me at the school gate.                                                                              

Firstly, when a family is supported by another professional outside school, such as a Social Worker, Early Help worker or Oasis worker, I will be their point of contact with the school and help present children’s wishes and feelings in any meetings.

Where the school has safeguarding worries about a child, I will meet with parents or carers to explore the worries and find ways of reducing them. Sometimes the school is required to share worries with outside professionals. I understand that this can be a worrying time for parents and carers, but I will do all I can to explain and support families if this happens.

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