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Welcome to Newlands

Thank you for taking the time to visit our school website.

We want all our children to have RESPECT, for themselves and for others:

RESPONSIBILITY – to look after themselves and their learning

EMPATHY – to strive to understand and share the feelings of others

SUCCESS – to work hard to achieve their aims

PERSEVERANCE – to keep going when things are difficult

ENTHUSIASM – to maintain an interest and enjoyment in their learning


CREATIVITY – to use their imagination and ideas to create something new


TEAMWORK – to work together to achieve their aims

Newlands is a thriving and GOOD school in the heart of Ramsgate and we are proud to be a part of its continuing journey to provide the best for its pupils. First rate care and support from all its staff and a strong leadership team are the perfect ingredients for a happy, safe and inclusive school.

Newlands offers a challenging and enriching curriculum both in and outside of the classroom. With a keen focus on active learning, every child is supported to achieve the best they can for the future they want.

Please visit us to see how Newlands can help your child to grow, or follow us on Facebook for regular updates from the school.

Mr D Bailey               


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